June 5, 2019, Tbilisi
11:00 - 17:00
VMware NSX Techical Deep Dive
This event describes VMware NSX principles and architecture, and focuses on technologies and components used in NSX.

We will be demonstrating the capabilities of VMware NSX technology, showing you how to build flexibility & control into your datacenter and multi-cloud environments to achieve levels of agility, security, and economics that were previously unreachable with physical networks.

Background to the emergence of SDN technology.

Why not hardware based SDN?

Use cases and implementation scenarios.

NSX value for Network and Security administrators.

Virtual cloud network: NSX Data Center and NSX SD-WAN (aka VMware SD-WAN)

Solution architecture.

How it works?

  • Network
  • Security (applications, kubernetes/containers, etc.)
  • Services
How to implement: greenfield, brownfield.

How is life with NSX after implementation: management and monitoring.

Our speaker
Dmitry Zhechkov
Network and Security Specialist at VMware

This event is absolutely FREE.
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